A Letter from Lynn Garman

It’s probably been a while since you’ve heard from Garman Productions, and you may or may not know that my husband, Steve Garman, died suddenly on February 3rd. Long before that, we had often discussed what might happen to this business we’d built together over the last 40 years, if Steve could no longer do the work he loved so much.

We both kept thinking of a certain long-time client and collaborator of ours. His name is Jeremy Gossett, of Gossett Productions. Steve had been a mentor and friend to this young man for many years, and they had worked together professionally since Jeremy’s college days. We respected his creativity, his work ethic and his attention to every tiny detail of any project he did.

Steve and Jeremy working on “Backstage Jazz,” Jeremy’s syndicated radio show, in the Audio Suite of what will now be Gossett Productions, LLC.

Jeremy first met Steve when he toured our business (then called Garman Audio/Video) as a middle schooler. Ever since then, he has known he wanted to do what Steve did for his own career. He’s been running his own business for more than 20 years, producing an impressive portfolio of audio/video projects in OKC, and is well-known and respected in the community. He’s been ready to take the next step—having his own production facility—for a while.

After Steve was felled by his heart attack, I called Jeremy and asked him to come over and talk with me. We walked through this suddenly very empty-feeling building as I told him that Steve and I wanted him to consider buying the building and all the gear in it, and using it for his own business. He was humbled, delighted, flattered and a little bit scared, but he was ready.

Jeremy says he feels like this is the opportunity of his life: to continue the legacy of a man he admired greatly, while serving our treasured clients, as well as the next generation of Oklahoma businesses.

This building, as well as the suites and stage Steve designed and built, will allow Gossett Productions to maximize all its considerable offerings. They will continue to offer every aspect of audio and video production, stage and remote shoots, ISDN, duplication and the A/V format transfer business that you relied on Garman Productions for, plus lots more!

I hope you’ll give Gossett Productions the opportunity to take care of your company’s projects, just like Steve and I did for so long.

(after a few weeks, garman.com will forward to Gossett Productions’ website, www.gossett.tv. You can reach them at our same address (2828 NW 58th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73112) and our same phone number, (405) 254-2500.)