Gooooood Morning Dubai

It’s usually easy to set a time for an audio recording session, but when the client is in Dubai, UAE, it has to be a compromise. We had another two hour session with a studio in Dubai┬árecently and it was hard to tell who suffered most in setting the time for the “live” session. We finally agreed on 8 am for us which would be 6 pm for them. Though it was a little tough on everyone, those times worked well. We had talent in our studio to record a Toshiba presentation to be used in Europe but it was being recorded in Dubai real time over ISDN phone lines. Other than about a 1 second delay, the audio is crytal clear CD quality and sounds the same as if the talent was there in their booth in Dubai. The producers talk with and coach the talent and do various takes just like they were here only they are thousands of miles away. It’s an incredible technology that we’ve been using since the early nineties but I think these Dubai sessions are the farthest we’ve ever traveled by phone and the toughest to arrange the schedule for.
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