Big Eater Visits Garman Productions

We enjoyed having Man vs. Food  host, Adam Richman, working with us this month doing voice overs for recent programs in Phoenix and Boulder.  He and his Travel Channel crew were in town shooting segments at Cattleman’s Cafe, Sid’s in El Reno and the Steak and Catfish Barn north of Edmond. If you haven’t caught his show, be sure and see one. It’s a lot of fun mostly because of Adam.  He does competitive eating but he puts a lot of humor and excitement into each episode.
The show at Cattlemen’s Cafe, taped on Mothers’ Day, wasn’t really a competition, but rather a tribute to this legendary restaurant in OKC’s famous Stockyards district.
Sid’s in El Reno is also becoming legendary for their famous onion burgers. Steak and Catfish Barn does have an all-you-can-eat catfish entry on the menu and there are posters on the wall with many of the names of those who have set gastronomic records.
My bet is that Adam’s name is now on their wall for his eating accomplishments.
Talk about a sleeper, Steak and Catfish Barn is that!  I recently agreed to meet a client there before we shot at the Lazy E Arena.  I pulled up in front of this dilapidated looking place at Waterloo Road and I-35.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  I even called my client, Brandon Bates, who calls the action for PBR on the Versus channel, from my cell and said, “Surely this can’t be the place you meant.”  He assured me that it was and when I went inside it was like walking onto the set of Fonzie’s diner/hangout on Happy Days.  There were the fifties dinette sets and waitresses right out of Alice’s Restaurant.  It turned out to be very charming and I have to say–the best hamburger I have ever eaten.  So, once again, you can’t tell a book by its cover!
Adam’s OKC show is set to air on Wednesday, August 4th so try to watch it or at least set the DVR to record it. Their new season starts June 16th so everything you see after that point will be as they say in a deep rich voice, “All New.”   Check the schedule here.
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