A Classic Breakup On The Air

Yeah, it’s been a few years since my days as a radio announcer, but it was a great job to have while I was going to school at O.U. The classic breakup was not my own, although there were a few of those, but rather one I heard and happened to record right off our CBS Radio Network. Yes, there used to be one. And my station, WNAD, was an affiliate.  That frequency, 640 AM, now belongs to the Sports Animal, but from 1927 until 1972, it was an oasis for good music and excellent national news. One of the old stalwarts of the network was Lowell Thomas.  He was a world traveler and also narrated the newsreels at the movies, even before joining CBS.  On this particular October evening newscast, I don’t know what set him off.  I was stunned when I heard it and I couldn’t believe it was airing on the network, but there it was and I was recording.
[cincopa 10712108]
I’ve never heard this on any blooper album or in any other setting and this will probably be your first time to hear it but to me, it’s a classic.
It came just after the first commercial, which I have edited to be very short, but what follows is just as it aired across the nation.  Stay with it because it gets even funnier as it goes along.
  It was October of 1968.
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