Local Film Maker Scores

Our congratulations go out to local film maker Adam Oxsen, who has just made an initial sale of his locally made western “Ecstasy of Gold.” 
The deal, made during the Cannes Film Festival, will allow domestic DVD release of the film through Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Theatrical rights are being retained by ID Communications with plans for a platform release in select domestic theaters.
We were thrilled to have a small part in Adam’s success. Garmans made the first Blu-rays of the film that Adam took to Cannes last summer, and we just finished the digital betacams in both 4×3 and 16×9 formats for the final release.
If anyone deserves a reward for hard work, it’s Adam. His film is beautifully done and the visuals and audio are excellent.  It’s easy to see the quality he’s injected into every frame of his first feature film.
Look for much more to come from this exciting young Oklahoman.
To learn more and see the trailer, click
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