About As Green As You Can Get!

The sign says it all. Oklahoma City has been trying for at least a decade to get a Whole Foods Market to locate here, but to no avail. Until, that is, Aubrey McClendon stepped in.  Now, we will have our Whole Foods Market and how handy it will be right on the corner where N. Western and Grand Blvd. intersect with Classen Blvd. See the Map! The bare ground you see in the picture is where Hahn-Cook, Street and Draper Funeral Home used to be.  If you look closely on the sign you’ll notice it says “Developed by Chesapeake Energy.”
There’s probably more to that statement than we’ll ever know the details of but that’s fine!
We’re just glad Mr. McClendon got it done when others couldn’t.
So it won’t be long until you’ll be able to come to Garman Productions for all your audio video work and then just pop a couple of blocks over to get an organic smoothie for lunch and some healthy, locally grown vegetables for your “whole” family!
My special thanks go out to Chesapeake for pulling this off.  Now I won’t have to listen to both my daughters complaining about not having a Whole Foods here.  Not to mention their frequent trips to both Dallas and Tulsa, for any reason they can conjure up, but really just to stock up at Whole Foods Markets in those lucky cities!
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