The Challenge of Shooting a Silent Movie

One of the great things about working in our business is that we constantly get to experience something new. Recently, one of our long-standing clients gave us that opportunity once again. Jody Harlan, Public Information Administrator for the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, asked us to help produce an informational video done completely in American Sign Language. ASL is a distinct language with its own unique grammar and syntax, so there were some language barriers that Garman staffers had to adapt to during production. Through the help of a fantastic ASL interpreter, the on-camera talent, DRS staff and Garman Productions crew communicated easily and effectively to make the studio production run as smoothly as every other shoot. A unique degree of difficulty was added by the use of a teleprompter. Normally, the teleprompter operator scrolls the text on the screen, adjusting the speed as the talent speaks. In this case, since no words were spoken, our talented prompter operator quickly learned the pace and rhythms of the signing talent. No small feat and definitely not for the inexperienced operator! Thanks to our on-camera talent Cody and Jessica and to DRS for giving us the opportunity to expand our horizons once again.
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