Google TV Coming This Fall

Although it’s actually here now, there won’t be sets with the new service until Sony begins delivering them this fall.
Most of us love the easy search features to find things on the internet; but when it comes to our entertainment, we also love those big screens in our living rooms.  This combination should really satisfy both of those desires.
This will be a complete internet experience on the big screen.  Google’s Android mobile operating system and an integrated Chrome web browser will be built into Sony HDTVs and Blu-ray Disc players, first sold at Best Buy this fall.  Dish network will include Google TV on subscribers’ DVRs.  Logitech, makers of the popular Harmony remote controllers, will offer a companion box at retail which will deliver Google TV to the 60 million HDTVs already in American homes today. Their popular controllers will give users seamless control over how you react with your content.
It sounds to me like you might be able to turn that  computer based study or home office back into a bedroom or maybe an exercise room sooner than you think.
For a simple explanation of how this might work for you, watch  Google TV
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