Music & Picture Go Together Like PB&J

If you think music isn’t that important to the success of a motion picture or even just a commercial, try watching either one with the volume turned down. You’ll quickly realize that hearing is believing and it just isn’t real without great audio.
This is why Hollywood spends millions on making sure their product has the full impact that only the right music and sound effects can provide.
Most local projects certainly can’t go to the extreme of hiring an orchestra and creating a custom score, but we can get pretty close with our excellent collections of sound effects and pre-recorded music on CD.
At Garman Productions we have the tools to craft the music and make it work with the picture to create either the right mood or emotion needed to capture the viewer and convey the message we want.
It doesn’t have to be elaborate; it just has to work. And when it works, everyone involved knows it!
Even a spot that is just graphics or moving text on the screen can be more captivating when it is scored successfully. Here’s an example from one of our favorite music providers.  Listen to how powerful this is with proper scoring. In this case the video is edited to the music but it can work either way. Oh, and please turn up your computer’s volume just a tad. Thanks!
Garman Productions has the entire Omnimusic library in house and ready for scoring your next video or commercial.
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