New Media

New Media Design

From Blu-Ray hi-definition Discs to regular DVD to streaming video on the web plus the many flavors of compressed media, we can transform your video to look its best. Using the latest tools from a variety of third party sources, our media experts can produce the quality results you’re looking for in video and audio.

Video Compression

Video’s mode of delivery is ever changing and we can provide your video project for delivery as Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, AVI files, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, H264, MP4 or various other popular web and computer formats. Only years of experience in compression techniques give your project the best look and you’ll always find it at Garmans.

As new technology emerges, Garman Productions will have it as well as people trained to put that new technology to work for you! We also offer professional narration for your computer-based training projects. And we can expertly transfer your Powerpoint or Keynote presentations to a digital format for the web or DVD.

Compression is charged at a much lower rate than video editing but it is still based on time. Any editing required will be in addition at normal rates. Call us for a quote.

Computer-Based/Web-Based Training

Are you looking for a new, more effective way to train employees or make presentations via CD-ROM or the internet? Whether it’s custom built computer-based training, a dynamic presentation for your next meeting or a website upgrade, we strive to create interactive media experiences that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Garman Productions provides multimedia and web development for a variety of clients, from restaurants to tire manufacturers. We can develop unique training programs for new employee orientation, computer systems training, sales and management skills and manufacturing processes. Your imagination is the only limit to what we can do!

Our products are custom built to your needs and specifications. The training experience is enhanced through appealing graphics, logically organized subject matter, and interactivity.

Web Site Design

If you’re on Earth these days, you know the Internet has become one of the most valuable tools to companies and organizations of all types and sizes. Having a strong, impressive online presence can make or break your business.

You can buy a package from your web host, and have them design a boring, generic site for you. Or you can hire a hotshot college kid to design a site HE thinks is cool.

At Garman Productions, we pride ourselves on our ability to make exactly the kind of site YOU want. If you have some ideas already, great! We can flesh them out with graphics, photos and animation. If you’ve never even heard of Java, Flash, CSS or html, that’s okay. Our only goal is to make a great web site that you can be proud of and proud to show your customers.

Another thing we pride ourselves on is our affordability.  You absolutely don’t have to spend $50,000 or $10,000 to get a great web site.  And we’ll work with you on how we can make the site work for YOU.  Do you want to have us build the site, and then edit most of your own content? Would you rather just send us your updates and have us manage everything? Whatever your level of comfort, we can make a site that works for you.  A web site isn’t something you create, scratch off your “to do” list and then forget about.  It’s a dynamic, living part of your business, so let us help you create a web site that will bring you returns for years to come.

Whether you fix antique cars, sell quilts out of your garage, make microchips or industrial boat engines or write books, we can design a site that’s perfect for you. Come visit with us today, and we’ll put our heads together!