OKC National Memorial and Museum

We are honored to have been chosen to work with the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum on an ongoing project to transfer thousands of hours of videotaped footage into a digital archive format that would enable the Memorial to share this priceless footage with researchers and the public for many years to come. Much of what we are transferring are interviews professionally taped with first responders, survivors and relatives of many who were lost in this tragic event–the worst terrorist attack on American soil at that time. Almost every aspect of this event was covered by video as well as the subsequent trials and verdicts that resulted. The tapes we are transferring have not been available to the public. Kari Watkins, the Executive Director of the Memorial, has a goal of making them accessible as soon as they can be categorized and appropriate metadata added to the files we are creating. At our facility, it seems like we are all reliving the mid-nineties as we catch glimpses of the tapes we are transferring to a hi-res digital format that these stories of courage and hope will remain in for the foreseeable future. It is a pleasure to work with the fine people at the Memorial. The history that resides there is in good hands. If you haven’t been to the museum or haven’t been back lately, you need to go again and then again. The displays are world class and ever changing and the Museum’s mission and message are crucial for our times.
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