Our New Web Site Is Up! Take A Look!

This is probably our 4th or 5th web site redesign. Although I can’t remember the exact number, I do think this is the best yet. It’s done in Word Press which means I can easily maintain it and add new blogs at least monthly. This ties in with my monthly newsletter called Production Notes which you can sign up for on the home page. You’ll see the names of the months on the home page and clicking one will take you to that month’s blog topics. Plus the current month’s blogs are all teased on the home page as well. Just click the “read more” button to read the articles and see the pictures. We offer a lot of services here at Garman Productions and the new web site finally gives us a chance to showcase most of them. I think it’s really easy to navigate thanks to our talented partners at Oklahoma Media Group. If you say, “Oh My God” when you see the sight, you’ll know why they are called OMG!
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