Turnkey Production Services

“Turnkey” means the staff at Garman Productions will handle every aspect of production for the client and deliver a completed project, ready for use.

Our “start-to finish” services include everything you need for a successful production project

  • Concepts and creative
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production coordination and scheduling
  • Talent services
  • Video acquisition (usually by remote or studio shoot)
  • Design and production of graphic elements
  • Producer/director services
  • Video editing and compositing
  • Audio: music & sound effects
  • Duplication and compression
  • Internet delivery of audio and video

We seek and encourage client approval at all stages of the production process.

Clients may choose their level of involvement. Some clients are interested in learning about and participating in the production process. Other clients are happy to let the professionals at Garman Productions take care of everything. The choice is yours.

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