Voice and On-Camera Talent

World-class Neumann microphones help make our on-staff narrations and ISDN long-distance recording some of the cleanest in the world.  Our ISDN capability makes Garman Productions the destination for movie stars and celebrity voice talent who are traveling through the southwest and need a direct digital line to the top producers in the country. Audio-for-video sweetening to picture tops off an audio department that has enjoyed a reputation for the highest quality for more than 30 years.

When Garman Productions began back in 1981, we were known as Producer’s Sound Studio.  Audio was our specialty then, and we’ve only continued to improve. Steve Garman, our president, has many years of professional audio narration experience.  Several other staff members can provide talent for your project if needed.  We can also contract with numerous local and regional voice and on-camera actors with whom we have developed relationships over the years.  Using in-house talent is a great way to keep your total cost low, and get great voices in the bargain!

Click here to hear a voice demo of Steve Garman.