We’re Two For Two on Addys This Year

We only entered two commercials in this year’s Addy Competition but we won an award for each of them so we’re two for two. We love winning awards, but the best reward comes when the spots we create actually do what they were designed to do. These two have and still are working just like we and our clients hoped they would. The first winner was a spot for the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office and is a continuation of their “Buckle Up” series. This time, instead of cowboys and pickup truck drivers, we’re targeting families and what’s more precious to protect than our family members? Here’s a look at our award winning spot called Buckle Up Family. Our second award winner is helping disabled young people find the help they need to realize their dreams of finding a productive and rewarding place in the work force. There is a lot of help available to them and the spot encourages them to get the help that’s right here in Oklahoma. DRS Dream Big. Our thanks again to all our clients who put their trust in us to make whatever it is for them the best that we can make it. That will always be our goal–awards or not.
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