What We’ve Done For Others…We Can Do For You

Although we do many high-end videos and we’ve won Addy Awards every time we’ve entered over the years, we still love helping our customers with their smaller everyday projects. It might be as simple as transferring your family slides and photos to a slideshow on a DVD, or saving some precious memories that were locked away on an old cassette or even a record that was a family favorite that you are no longer able to play. We also can transfer practically any analog video format to any digital video format and a whole lot of people need to get this done before it’s too late. Even if you’ve tried it yourself and have hit a brick wall, we’d love to help you get past it and complete your project. We won’t mention any names, but many other professionals in the area look to Garman Productions to help them solve their technical problems. So you’re in good company when you you bring them to us. Whether it’s slides your family hasn’t seen in decades or other media that needs to be unlocked for your family to once again enjoy, we can help. Just give us a call 405-254-2500 or email info@garman.com and tell us what you’d like to do.
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